The Librarian Diaries

An Original Audio Drama Series....with a Supernatural Twist

Season One Principal Characters


NarratorEssential integrator of scenes, with a personality all his own.

Desiree McAllister Our main protagonist, Desiree is an empathic librarian, who has the ability to transport her consciousness into books where she can observe the stories play out in front of her. As Desi’s abilities evolve, she discovers there’s more to her reality as she knows it.

Stephanie TaylorDesi’s BFF. Normal girl, friend from college. Owns a clothing boutique for plus-sized women. She’s a bubbly, outgoing girl with a dark, perilous past.

Brooke Stanton Nefarious nemesis of Desiree. Jealous of Desiree, she plots against her to usurp her anyway she can.

Ronnie AdamsComputer geek in love with Desi, but is blackmailed by Brooke to do her dirty work.

Lucien ReedDesiree’s love interest, Brooke’s obsession. English/Lit teacher at Valhalla Heights High School. He also has an unusual secret that plagues him.

Connor ManningLucien’s buddy & colleague. Teaches Biology/Chem & Woodshop. Divorced, tactless womanizer, but not without some humorous level of charm.

Charlie (Charlene) Crawford Owner/bartender of Charlie’s Bar & Grill. Friends with Desiree and Stephanie.

Spider CrawfordBouncer @ Charlie’s (and her brother). Very protective of his sister. Sweet on Stephanie.

Dominic Greer Irish ex-boyfriend of Charlie. Talented musician who plays in area bars, but has an unpredictable dangerous streak.

Madelyn TaylorStephanie’s mother; estranged from her daughter for the last eight years. She keeps a big secret locked away.

Penny Grant H.R. Rep of VHP Library. Perky, joyous woman who loves her job. Has a teenage son, Dillon, who plays for the high school football team.

Baron de CharlusCharming, intelligent, sometimes snarky, often mischievous fictional character from a nineteenth-century French novel who becomes a direct influence in Desi’s world.