The Librarian Diaries

An Original Audio Drama Series....with a Supernatural Twist



Posted by Rhoda Cronebach on June 1, 2015 at 2:40 AM Comments comments (5)
WANTED: AUDIO ENGINEER Audio student or hobbyist to clean up audio, edit dialogue together, create sound effects, music & underscoring for The Librarian Diaries audio web series (think radio theatre with a contemporary flair). *** Must be willing to work for the experience and/or for the love of the art, as there is currently no budget. However, that could change with the potential popularity of the show. Dialogue has already been recorded by voice actors for 10 episodes (1st two episodes are complete and uploaded). Great resume-builder ! "Theatre of the Mind" is a fun format that's come back into style ! Check out this plucky, modern-day soap opera with its quirky characters and supernatural twist !!! Go to the EPISODES page on the website and listen to the Pilot (and Episode 2), at: Please send inquiries and demos to the Director, Rhoda Cronebach: