The Librarian Diaries

An Original Audio Drama Series....with a Supernatural Twist

                                                            HOW IT ALL BEGAN...






 Hi! My name is Niki Wilkerson, the creator behind the concept for The Librarian Diaries! I came up with the concept for for Librarian Diaries, because I wanted to do something different that no one else is doing. I thought to myself, no one ever would think that a Librarian would lead an extraordinary lifestyle or have any adventures and that is how the idea was born!

I then knew I had my work cut out for me, because I am a one person show most of the time dealing with creating, writing, editing etc. So I figured if I worked together with someone that I trusted and knew we could work well together, we could create a hit. I sought out some of the best people to work with and the first person I thought of was Rhoda Cronebach.

We have known each other from past projects, and she was looking to delve into the writing scene more. We then sat and brainstormed after I told her about what I wanted to create and she helped me sculpt and build the characters and the storylines for Librarian Diaries.

Rhoda has been a god send and a she is also my head writer as well. We then decided to bring on more writers, and Lynne Marie Mann joined us shortly after we got into a few episodes. Lynne is a VERY talented writer as well, and me,Lynne and Rhoda stay up many late nights collaborating on storylines and constantly brainstorming about the show.

You will see the fruits of our labor soon as we unveil episodes online of The Librariann Diaries....

Meet the Production Crew


Evan Newman


Evan really loves sound…maybe a little more than he should. Since recording his own voice at age 8 announcing an imaginary golf game, he has been hooked on audio. He brings that passion to his editing duties at The Librarian Diaries. Besides editing dialogue, he also records sound effects, many of which he performs himself. In his spare time, Evan loves reading Fantasy and Science Fiction and is an addicted video game enthusiast. He lives in Portland, Oregon (pronounced Or-eh-gun) with his wife and two teenage sons.



Jon Clark


Jon worked for over 20 years in the video game industry as a sound designer and peaked with his work at Microsoft Game Studios. Gaming being a great living but not very gratifying in recent years, he started teaching at Salt Lake Community College in Salt Lake City about 5 1/2 years ago. 

Jon's work includes a few episodic audio pieces, his favorite being Tex Murphy Radio Theater, on which he did all the recording, editing, sound design and some of the music for this series. Most recently, he completed sound for two online games; Three Cards to Midnight and Three Cards to Dead Time for which Jon did all the recording, sound design and music editing.



Jure Stanovnik